You want:

  • exact fulfilment of your company-specific demands 
  • functionality and efficiency 
  • the structural requirements to optimally reflect your production processes 
  • flexible options for changing the use of or extending the building 
  • future-oriented office buildings with maximum ergonomics

We offer:

  • complete construction of halls and administrative buildings from drainage and foundations to roof access
  • individual determination of requirements on the basis of profound professional experience 
  • customised planning of floor space, staff facilities, administrative areas and transport routes 
  • plans exactly tailored to the production and work processes in your company 
  • compliance with all official specifications 
  • state-of-the-art standards and total punctuality in construction

Benefits for you:

  • maximum functionality and thus efficient use 
  • reliable time management 
  • smooth project management and we take on as much of the project for you as possible