Harbour construction, off-nearshore, civil engineering and hydraulic engineering

Harbour Construction

The history of the company Depenbrock Ingenieurwasserbau (formerly F + Z Baugesellschaft in Hamburg) goes back to the 19th century. We are still committed to these roots today in order to support our customers in the Hanseatic tradition as a reliable partner with both proven and new technical solutions.

Our services in classic port construction are the planning, project management and production of:

  • Quay Complexes
  • Locks
  • Dry Docks
  • Polder Facilities
  • Piers and Jetties
  • Single Dolphins and Dolphin Installations
  • Ferry Terminals

Civil engineering and hydraulic engineering

Civil and hydraulic engineering complements our port construction portfolio. Here we look back on a multitude of different realized projects and are looking forward to the challenges of future tasks.

Our services in civil and hydraulic engineering are the planning, project management and production of:

  • Foundations of bridges, also in deep waters (Norwegian fjords)
  • Canal bridges
  • Protection structures for tunnels (Elbe Tunnel)
  • Deep excavations and cofferdams
  • Piers
  • Combined buildings (parking garages under flood protection systems with promenades)
  • Culvert
  • Silo plants close to the quay
  • bridge building
  • Building of sluices
  • trough structures
  • culvert sluices
  • retaining walls
  • sheet piling works
  • Pile driving of all kinds

Off- / Nearshore

The local proximity and emotional connection to the water has already attracted us to the coastal area and the sea in the past. Starting with the installation of the offshore measuring station FINO 1, a separate department developed over the years from our ranks, which dealt with the installation of foundation structures for offshore wind farms and installed well over 650 foundations in Germany, Denmark and Great Britain and was sold by Bilfinger SE as a separate division in 2016.

Our experience in the design and manufacture of concrete working platforms for offshore wind power foundations (TPs) dates back to this period and we continue to hold patents for these platforms, which we supply for projects in the UK, Germany and Denmark.