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DIN 14675
DIN 14675

DIN 14675

lays down requirements for the installation and operation of fire alarm systems and voice alarm systems, taking into account the requirements of building regulations and the fire brigade. Fire alarm systems with connection to the fire brigade and voice alarm systems for alerting persons in the building may only be planned, planned, installed, commissioned, accepted or regularly maintained by specialist companies certified in accordance with DIN 14675. Translated with

[Translate to English:] Gütezeichen Leitungstiefbau

The Quality Association for Underground Cable and Pipe Construction (Gütegemeinschaft Leitungstiefbau) is a nationwide group of companies specialized in underground cable and pipe construction, primarily active in the underground cable construction und highly committed to quality.

[Translate to English:] Gütezeichen Kanalbau

The Quality Seal Channel Construction applies to the production and maintenance of public and private sewage water pipes and channels and the related buildings as defined in DIN resp. DIN EN standards and the applicable rules and the registered German Association of Water Management, Sewage and Water.

We have gained the Certificate AK1.

Zertifikat DQB "Präqualifikation"

We entered into a supervision contract with the TÜV for operations according the Water Management Act. A certified company has the special equipment und qualified employees in order to secure the compliance with the standards according to § 62, section 2 of the Water Management Act.

Prequalification is a prior and general examination of the documents of qualifications according to the requirements defined by § 6 of the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB/A). Thus construction companies interested in public tenders can prove their suitability to public clients at reduced costs in the future.

The company Kiwa International Cert GmbH is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) for certifying according to documents No. 18 and 17 of the SCC Rules and Basic Knowledge about Occupational Health and Safety. 43 employees have been awarded the certificate “SCC – Certifying including examination acc. to document No. 18 for operative active staff members on construction sites.” 32 employees have also been certified according to “SCC- Certifying including examination acc. to document No. 17 for operative active managers on construction sites.”