CAMPUS – the personnel development programme. Qualification – a permanent process.

We stand up: For better building and for your continuing education.

In order to make the most of technical and digital progress, we all need to learn continuously. With our personnel development program CAMPUS, we prepare our employees for the ever new challenges and accompany them in their professional and personal development.

Advanced training construction

The construction industry offers the best career opportunities - we support you on your way to becoming a foreman, plant foreman or certified foreman. In the training centers of the construction industry, the curriculum includes not only construction technology and construction operations, but also employee leadership and personnel management. If you take the path to becoming a certified foreman, you will also receive a so-called training certificate, which you can use to contribute to qualified vocational training at Depenbrock.

Contact Team CAMPUS if you would like to learn more about advanced training!

Occupational safety and specialized training

Your safety is close to our hearts! That is why we regularly develop up-to-date training courses on safety-relevant topics for you and ensure that you can protect yourself and your colleagues in your daily work. With the AMS certification of the Bauberufsgenossenschaft, we have our occupational safety organization checked regularly.

Recognized high quality: From meticulous planning and first-class execution to customized facility management, the Depenbrock Group has a very solid foundation: highly motivated and excellently trained employees.

In order to be able to maintain and expand this high standard, we regularly offer specialist training in all departments, which includes technical topics as well as commercial and IT training.

Personal competences

Technical knowledge and professional experience are important - but not everything. Construction is teamwork, and that's where our seminars and workshops for so-called soft skills come into play. Together with fixed training partners, we offer varied workshops and training courses for topics such as communication and improving cooperation. Our managers, from managing directors to foremen, go through a training series with several modules to meet the diverse demands of their day-to-day work.

Digital progress also in learning

Nicht nur beim Bauen, sondern auch bei der Weiterbildung setzen wir konsequent auf digitalen Fortschritt. Seit der Einführung unserer E-Learning-Plattform „Web-Campus“ können wir allen Mitarbeitenden wichtige Schulungen unkompliziert online zur Verfügung stellen. Der wesentliche Vorteil liegt darin, dass sich die Schulungen Ihrem Zeitplan anpassen und ortsunabhängig absolviert werden können.