One of the goals of the Depenbrock Group has always been to inspire young people to work in the construction industry and to promote the next generation of professionals with qualified training.

The range of training we offer is correspondingly wide:

  • Industrial clerk (m/f)
  • Technical system planner (m/f)
  • draughtsman (m/f)
  • Road builder (m/f)
  • Bricklayer (m/f)
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete constructor (m/f)
  • Surveying technician (m/f)
  • Construction equipment operator (m/f)
  • Real estate agent (m/f)
  • IT Specialist System Integration (m/f)

Dual studies: 

  • Course of studies in construction management, apprenticeship as road builder (m/f)
  • Degree in Business Administration, Apprenticeship Facility Management
  • Degree in Service Engineering, Apprenticeship Technical Building Management System 

Find out in good time about the various training paths. 

Our personnel officer Ms Hannelotte Hecker, telephone (05474) 68 - 135, e-mail:  is at your disposal.

You can apply for the following professions for the start of training on 01.08.2019:

(in German language)

weitere Informationen - Für 2019 ist der Ausbildungsplatz vergeben -

weitere Informationen - Für 2019 ist der Ausbildungsplatz vergeben -

Für die Ausbildung ab 01.08.2019 zum Straßenbauer/-in in unserem Stammhaus in Stemwede und unseren Niederlassungen in Bielefeld, Duisburg und...

für die Ausbildung in unserer Niederlassung in Bielefeld - Für 2019 ist dieser Ausbildungsplatz vergeben-